The periodic review of household equipment is not only necessary, but also highly indicated to prevent future failures. In the event that the problem has already occurred, the review allows us to accurately diagnose the problem, its origin, what actions are essential to correct it and the cost of the service.

We have qualified experts, duly equipped with advanced technology to carry out a comprehensive inspection of household appliances, white goods or air conditioners, always maintaining the high standards of their respective brand.

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Business Consulting

We provide advice depending on the client's needs, so that when purchasing a new equipment, they acquire an ideal product, perfectly adapted to the available space and intended use . In this way, the client ensures that they are acquiring a quality appliance, thus maximizing their investment.

  • Recommendations based on our experience.
  • Long-term profit maximization.
  • Optimization of acquisition costs.
  • Basic explanation of the proper use of your item.
  • Verification of security standards according to Panamanian laws.


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