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  • How often is it advisable to perform maintenance on my dryer?
    The maintenance of the dryers is necessary to carry out at least twice a year. In this maintenance, the filter, the humidity sensor, the air inlet and outlet must be cleaned so that it is in optimal condition and avoids damage to its different parts in the future.
  • How often is it advisable to perform maintenance on my washing machine?
    The maintenance of washing machines will be necessary according to the model of the equipment, the quality of the soap used and the amount of softener used in the washes. It is recommended to do it at least twice a year. The washing machine is responsible for removing all dirt, dust, dirt, grease, food, paint, etc. of your clothes All that rubbish, although it is true that it is largely drained by the washing machine, also gradually accumulates in the cavities of the washing machine.
  • My stove has a low flame, and it smokes the pots. What will be the problem?
    If the stove smokes or if the flame is too low or too high, it most likely has a problem with the nozzles or burners. To prevent possible breakdowns that may occur in the stove, the most important thing is a timely review of them. Stoves require, like any item we have at home, inspection by qualified personnel in electrical appliances, not only as a preventive measure, but also for its durability.
  • What happens if we do not maintain my washing machine?
    All the accumulated residues will gradually degrade the internal components of our washing machine, causing serious failures to be generated in the future. Debris buildup causes the drain pump to start to fail. In the worst case, there may be water leaks towards the electrical components of the washing machine, causing irreparable damage.
  • How often is it advisable to perform air conditioning maintenance?
    You should not wait for symptoms such as ice in the pipes, internal or external water dripping, or a bad smell to appear to know that there is a problem with your air conditioning. To avoid any of these and other possible inconveniences, it is recommended to carry out preventive maintenance every 3 months, thus guaranteeing optimal operation.
  • How often is it advisable to perform maintenance on my refrigerator?
    The refrigerator is an appliance for cooling food, and if the condensing grill is not kept properly clean, it can consume more energy, considerably increasing the electricity consumption of your home. This will shorten the life of the equipment. It can also cause costly or even irreparable damage. It is advisable to carry out preventive maintenance twice a year, cleaning the area of ​​the compressor and the condenser where dust accumulates, preventing proper operation.
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